Backpack Travel Production: Newcastle Study Tour

In early 2019, I created Backpack Travel Production, a class that provides students with the skillsets in content capture, using mobile devices and technology, with the focus on traveling light, but utilizing essential technology for multimedia production.

The Newcastle Study Tour was the fulfillment of a concept that I had to provide an opportunity for students to travel abroad for 10 days and explore the United Kingdom (London, Newcastle and Edinburgh). This video shares highlights from the story.

4K in The UK

I had the opportunity to teach a three day video production class “4K in the UK” at Newcastle University, in the city Newcastle, England. The experience consisted of short modules that covered advanced video production techniques, photography, aerial videography and backpack travel production. It was a great opportunity to explore a new environment in the classroom and in the campus and beautiful city.

I was pleased to see that my time there was so well received. I was even asked if I would come again to teach there, given the experience. Moments like these are ones that last a lifetime and validate the passion that I have for teaching technology and preparing the next generation for success in their chosen field.

This video below shares testimonials from the students that participated in the event.