I weave through the communication world in the current capacities of technologist, producer, cinematographer, photographer, graphic designer and broadcast engineer. 

I am a Maven, Musician and Master Teacher.

An abundant life is privileged with a circle of great mentors and guides that have shared great wisdom, which we apply to our worldview. Each day is a privilege to unlock and experience what we enjoy, while living life to the best of our ability.
The present is a gift of time that allows me to teach with and share with others so they might achieve the same as I, if not more.

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Master Teacher:
As a professor and practitioner of creative technology, I embrace the tools and strategy involved with producing creative media content and educating learners of all ages.

Information is powerful when the mind is equipped with the thoughts, ideas and strategies that are found through information. I share concepts and facts that contribute to the growing community.

Music is a universal language, one we never master, but instead grow with it as it elevates us. It amazes me that harmony and accordant sounds can reach the innermost depths of our being.

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