Anniversary Reflections

July 3rd is the anniversary to which this year, I am celebrating 14 years of marriage. Its one of those days that when I think back, we made a great decision to build a gift that keeps on giving.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve transitioned through many of the stages of marriage and have begun to view the union from a fresh perspective.

When I reflect on the journey and experience, the words that come to mind are fine-tune and fusion. Marriage is a continual shaping (fine-tuning) to the thought and relationship process, that over time, draws nearer to becoming “one” in mind, body and spirit. Fusion is a tri-fold process that can occur on the physical, spiritual and energetic levels. It is the shedding of the incomplete, while sacrificing personal comfort so that we might arrive at a greater place of connection. The greatest opportunities for fusion in marriage comes from sacrifice. 

Vulnerability yields great opportunity for fusion between
a couple or unit. 

I recently photographed a milestone anniversary where I had ample time to observe the couple’s partnership. It stood out that the key to their success was that they are both vulnerable to one other, they fully relied on each other to complete their mission. This vulnerability is key. It is built on mutual trust in one another, which in turn keep the marriage machine running and producing fruit.

Each anniversary, I reflect on our trajectory as a unit, realizing that year, I grow in understanding and grow closer to compatibility. As we’ve opened up to one another, the walls and obstacles decrease so that  the fine-tuning and fusion reach greater heights and depths at the same time. I believe that marriage is a ministry that keep on giving.  It gives to us inwardly, shining light on the areas that require fine-tuning and a level of vulnerability that mirrors our faith. As we pour into the relationship with positive expectancy, the reward returns many-fold.  Sometimes that the return process seems delayed, but through dedication and faith, the fulfillment is within reach. 

To my life partner, much love. We’ve been connected to walk a great path form which I believe the impact and reward is plentiful. It is my hope that our union may serve as a guide to others so that unity and love may continually increase towards abundance in our land.


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