SMPTE – Hollywood Experience

In Fall 2017, I was privileged to receive an award from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, better known as SMPTE.

The organization is best known as the creators of timecode, a essential part of any video production. Even more impactful is their development of worldwide standards as it relates to the acquisition, transfer and deployment of analog and digital visual content.

I joined the organization a few years back, and connected students with the organization in order to provide a pathway towards greater learning of technology and broadcast standards. This is important, as students need to have a firm foundational understanding of the creative, but also the business and technical pillars of the broadcast industry. We produced a short video at that time that summed up what would soon grow into a rewarding experience. Since then, many students have gone on to achieve great success in post-graduation employment. As a result, our group became a benchmark for student chapters in this global organization.

This invitation was for a SMPTE award that would be honored in Hollywood, California at the Loews Hotel, located at Highland Avenue and Hollywood Avenue, right in the heart of “tinseltown tourism”. The event took place during the same time as the Latin Grammys, so the Loews Hotel was packed with people throughout the day. In the daytime, we had a chance to mingle with performers, dancers and producers of the Grammy program, which was a cool experience.

Attending the event with me was my life partner Julene and brother Vernon. It was a black-tie affair, so we stepped on the red carpet in style and had to floss a little just because. It felt like an episode of Extra, the news magazine TV program. There were interviewers and photographers there, which enhanced the Hollywood red carpet feeling. There were interviews with Broadcast Beat and a few other organizations there. I enjoyed the experience, and had a opportunity to flex my Spanish muscle during an interview with That’s What She Said.

SMPTE Red Carpet Interview from hjdthree on Vimeo.

During the awards, there were recipients in the industry who were pillars in broadcast, some which have made influential contributions to this day. Randy Ubillos, the developer of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere and Dave Corley, founder of DSC labs, a recognized world leader in test chart production, specifically, the Chroma DuMonde chart, which is regarded as Hollywood standard for image calibration.  of broadcast equipment, were some examples.

When it was time for my acceptance, initially a video played summing up my dedication to student media and letting the audience know more about me. After that, the host/escort brought me to my stage side position. It was a great feeling to receive the award in front of a diverse audience of broadcasters, engineers and people who have revolutionized the broadcast world.

I now understand how people sometimes get lost when exiting the spotlight/stage. Thankfully, I reoriented myself quickly and made it backstage to another interview. To my surprise, it was post-award interview, and the interviewer asked about my next steps and plans. I’m dedicated to this educational flow and am determined to make the technology and techniques adaptable to learners of all ages.

Broadcast Beat Interview – SMPTE 2017 from hjdthree on Vimeo.

This event was a confirmation that now is the time to go forth in the path of dreams and destiny.

This event was a overwhelmingly positive experience and feeling. It had always been my dream to make it to Hollywood and walk the red carpet, following in the footsteps of a media pro. Now that I’ve achieved this, I’m inspired to keep pushing in this field that I hold in the highest regard as my passion and keep pressing towards the high mark.